Burleigh Tint Shop also has a great range of protection products for your car. We offer Paint, Vinyl, Leather, Carpet, Fabric and Rust protection individually, or as a package and keep that new car look.

Paint Protection:
By getting your Vehicle paint protected with us you will protect your car from Corrosion, Oxidation Ultra -Violet Rays, pollution and salt.

Vinyl & Leather protection:
This prevents Cracking & Fading.

Carpet & Fabric protection: 
It is used to protect upholstered Car seats and fabrics and shields against dirt grease, oil stains and water it protects both Synthetic and natural fibres.

Electronic Rust Protection: 
Available in 1, 2 or 4 pad options to cover the most demanding rust prevention requirements.

Not Sure How Electronic Rust Protection Works?

Electronic Rust Systems are now fully computerised, programmable and self-diagnostic.                      These systems are completely fail-safe and will automatically reset if a fault occurred.

Basically, rust is the loss of electrons from within the metal. Oxygen combines with the metal atom and forms FE2o3 Ferric Oxide, that’s rust.

Here we explain Capacitive Coupling in Laymen’s Terms.

What we are doing is interfering with the oxidization cycle, in other words, tricking nature.

We achieve this by artificially pumping electrons into the vehicle so our supply of electrons exceeds the demand.

This is achieved by creating a capacitor, our pad that is affixed to the paint acts as the positive plate in the capacitor, the paint becomes the dielectric which in turn holds the charge static (keeps the electrons from flowing away) and the body of the vehicle or structure acts as the negative plate in the capacitor.

So what we are left with is a big capacitor;

  • The pad is the positive plate
  • The paint is the dielectric
  • The body is the negative plate

Electrons are built between the positive plate and the negative plate and the paint keeps them there.

There are 2 basic components for this technology.

  1. The power supply or unit is approximately the size of a deck of playing cards and runs off the vehicle battery, drawing less than 30Ma. The electronic printed circuit board is totally encapsulated in an epoxy resin, which makes it completely airtight and watertight. As well as this the electronics are solid state, which means these systems will enjoy a long life in any condition.
  2. The Capacitive Coupler or pad is affixed to a painted metal surface on the vehicle with an aircraft grade 3M adhesive. The power supply (unit) charges this pad with a predetermined DC voltage strong enough to be read on a volt/multi meter. There are three things that need to be supplied to the pad in order to induce the charge through the non-conductive painted surface, volts, frequency and capacitance.
    NOTE: This is why you can not run couplers in series off one circuit as other brands do.


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