Home & Office Window Tinting:
As with our automotive Films we also have a large range of home & office Films to choose from. Solar Guard and Johnson’s window films provide the best quality for your home & office with over 30 years in the industry these window films have been a trusted name in the window film business. We also stock other leading brands such as MEP, 3M and Suntek films. Following are some examples that may suit your needs.

Home & Office Solutions:
You can select the degree of heat rejection and the colour or shade of film to suit your needs. There are films available that provide more privacy in daylight – while others are virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

Solar Gard® NightSky – window film provides the utmost optical clarity for stunning exterior views day and night. This is due to low interior and exterior reflection, which reduces reflectivity to increase clarity. With a warm dark tone, NightSky sets the stage for your viewing pleasure.

NightSky offers protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays and controls heat from the exterior to increase comfort and reduce the cost of air conditioning. By controlling hot spots and uneven temperature zones while controlling glare, it eliminates the need for blinds or shutters.

Night Sky comes in three versions, 10, 20 and 30 to provide you with a choice in visual appearance. With a limited lifetime residential and 10 year commercial warranty you can be assured that the film will last and last. NightSky is made by one of the worlds leading manufacturers in quality and performance.

Why Solar Guard NightSky will be perfect for your home or business:

  • Low internal and external reflection giving you great views from your windows day or night
  • Reduction of the entry of radiant heat, decreasing air conditioning costs, while reducing carbon emissions
  • Warm dark tone gives glass a pleasing appearance

Johnson’s SCENIC VIEW dual reflective, non fading films. Rejects Heat while providing Balanced day or Night vision. Scenic view films are perfect for sundrenched commercial buildings or homes with higher than normal interior heat gain. They provide up to 82% heat rejection and 99% of Harmful UV rays this. will create a more comfortable living/working environment in addition to helping lower energy costs. all scenic view films will never fade and include Johnsons durable CST Scratch resistant hard coat as well as a lifetime Residential/10 year commercial guarantee- against cracking, peeling, bubbling or delaminating.

NIGHTSCAPE  dual Reflective , Non Sputtered Films.

As more people use solar control films as part of their total window treatment, concerns arise over interior light reflection affecting outdoor views during the evening hours. The solution is Johnsons Nightscape dual reflective films. These films offer optical clarity while minimizing the harsh reflectivity problems found in many films today. With a unique hybrid construction- an aluminium metallised layer on top of charcoal dyed film-Nightscape will not only provide a soft glare-free view, but it will also deliver excellent heat rejection and strong UV ray protection. same warranty applies as above.

Decorative Films for special Applications

Sometimes a window will need a special application film to address a specific issue or concern. UV Clear-a clear, invisible film blocking 99% of harmful UV ray. Great for storefronts looking to reduce interior fading and homeowners in need on UV protection who do not want the look of window film.

WHITE FROST – a semi-transparent film designed for windows where sunlight is desired, but total day and night privacy is needed. Works well on large bathroom windows, half-moon windows, as well as internal office and conference windows. Can also be used to create film designs.

WHITEOUT & BLACKOUT FILMS – opaque white & black films developed to create total privacy. Excellent for eliminating views inside a window where valuable items are kept. Applications include storage buildings, glass cabinet stand counter tops. Same warranty’s apply as above.


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