Get your car tinted from as little as $149 and stay cool

  • Block Scorching Heat
  • Reduce Damaging Fading
  • Improve Comfort
  • Reduce Glare
  • Enhance Appearance
  • Increase Safety


Why get your car tinted at Burleigh Tint Shop?

We have a large range of films to choose from and they all carry
a lifetime warranty that guarantees you that;

  • Your tint won’t change colour
  • Won’t bubble
  • Won’t fade
  • Won’t peel off
  • Won’t delaminate

and if it does, we will replace it free of charge -no arguments no questions asked


We can say this because, the job get’s done right! We tint your windows to the very top, apply tint to your rear screen in one piece and only ever use the very best products and procedures available to us. In addition to this we only use the the best product available from all your leading USA manufacturers & are licensed installers for the following Films…. 3M, Johnsons Window Films, Solar Guard, MEP, Suntek

Burleigh Tint Shop caters for all demographics and all budgets. We offer a full range of products in stock from your lower cost to budget through to high performance, we endeavour to give our clients the best possible value for money.

After reviewing our website If you require further information on any of our products or would like some assistance in choosing the right product for you, please contact us here.


   07 5576 0343          39 Lower West Burleigh Rd, Burleigh Heads, Queensland